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This is a web-based application that works as a middleman between customers and service providers. Any sort of service you require for your home or office and search on the internet about it, through search engine optimization the link of that specific service of this website will come in front of the searcher. Once the link will be opened, a form needs to be filled requiring some information regarding that service, location, location type and the required job to be done regarding that service and the data will go to the relevant service provider. Each and every service which a home or office is supposed to be in need of can be fulfilled through this application.


If we talk about the technologies used in the development of the application, we have used:

  • GatsbyJS


The team in the successful completion of the said project involves:

  • A Front End Developer
  • A Back End Developer
  • A Manager
  • A Quality Assurer
  • And full support of the Management Team