The Gulf Academy


This is a web-based application that is an academic platform, you can say a virtual academy with many unique features, and is a bi-lingual website (English & Arabic). There are two roles after making an account on the site. Either you are a student and can ask questions for a price/budget you set for that question and also can time-bound the question to receive an answer within your desired timeline or you can become a tutor for one or more categories to answer the questions of the same category and earn. To become a tutor, one has to pass the quiz designed for the field/subject in which he/she wants to become a tutor. Tutors can ask questions as well. Those who are asking questions either a student or a tutor can also invite any specific tutor(s) to answer their asked questions. One can come and ask any question with an option of different fields/subjects already categorized on the site. There is a dashboard for all the account holders of the site either students or tutors which have all the details of each of your transactions and your profile information. Tutors have some other options in the dashboard as well like in the transaction section, they have an option to request admin to pay any specific pending amount, they have a mandatory option to give their bank details so that payments can be transferred and a very unique feature which is normally cannot be found in these types of platforms and that is a folder space where tutors can store their documents. This is a very convenient functionality where tutors can easily make folders and subfolders, rename and delete them, and the same case with the files uploaded in these folders. There is my question section on the site where students or tutors can view their asked questions separately and a questions section where all the questions asked on the site can be shown other than a privately asked question. Yes, there is an option as well to ask a question privately which can only be shown to the account holders of the site and not shown to the search engines or outside visitors. Another unique feature is the “Featured Tutor” option where any tutor can become a featured tutor which shows on the homepage of the website and have a chance to earn more by gaining the attention of students to ask questions from them. There are different payment plans to become a featured tutor based on the days for which one can become a featured tutor and there are currently only four slots for the featured tutor which can be increased or decreased by the admin anytime. One can also search for any specific category’s question with a search bar option on the home page. You can also see the users of the website, the students, and the tutors both through their profiles and can get the information of the quizzes they passed, questions they asked, answers they bought, and answers they gave, and their rating as well.


If we talk about the technologies used in the development of the application, we have used:

  • ReactJs
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Upayment
  • AWS S3
  • Bootstrap


The team in the successful completion of the said project involves:

  • A Front End Developer
  • A Back End Developer
  • A Manager
  • A Quality Assurer
  • And full support of the Management Team