This is a very interesting application that has thousands of recipes in written form with their images fetched by web scraper from different sources and made available on a single platform. The interesting part of the application is the user can search the recipe by the dish name as well as by the ingredients he/she have. There are different recommended recipes shown for the user based on his/her preference traced by the searches he/she has mostly done. There is also an option to give reviews on any recipe and the application has done sentiment analysis of those reviews on the basis of which it sorts the recipes from best to least acceptable in the result of any search. Another interesting feature the application has, it allows the user to speech to search any recipe again by the dish name or ingredients (no need to type) which converts it to text, and also the written recipe can be listened to, which minimizes the hassle of picking up the phone again & again to see the recipe while cooking. The application has a dashboard for both the user and admin and is available for users on the web, android, and ios and only on the web for admin.


If we talk about the technologies used in the development of the application, we have used:

  • Node.js
  • React Native
  • Google text to speech
  • MongoDB
  • Angular 4
  • REST APIs (Express.js)
  • AWS


The team in the successful completion of the said project involves:

  • A Front End Developer
  • A Back End Developer
  • A Manager
  • A Quality Assurer
  • And full support of the Management Team