Instant Muve


This is a web-based application that provides services of moving/shifting any sort of goods/items/home or office furniture etc. from one place to another. The application allows the user to select pickup & drop-off location, vehicle type, item numbers & specifications, persons needed for the job to be done, from which floor the goods would be picked, and to which floor they would be dropped. The app has also the features of In-app payments, fare calculation according to the location and requirement of the customer based on different parameters, and email notifications.


If we talk about the technologies used in the development of the application, we have used:

  • ReactJs
  • Node.js
  • Stripe
  • SendGrid


The team in the successful completion of the said project involves:

  • A Front End Developer
  • A Back End Developer
  • A Manager
  • A Quality Assurer
  • And full support of the Management Team