ETS Cars


This is a car booking application in which users can book an instant or a scheduled ride to go anytime, anywhere by providing a pickup and a drop-off location from the option given in the application and choose a car of choice based on their preferences. The application has also an In-app payments feature that allows users to pay for the ride easily. The live tracking feature of the application allows the user and their loved ones to track the booked ride before pick up to enable the user to view about the driver that how far he/she is from the pick-up location and after pick up which allows the tracking of the ride that from which route the driver opted to travel and to where he/she is going and dropped off the passenger. There are also SMS and email intimations about different notifications like the driver has arrived, the details of the driver/car, and the fare receipt after completing the ride. This application contains an interesting feature of tariffs which calculate the fare of the ride while booking, its working is based on different parameters like the distance to the destination, the time to reach the destination according to the traffic on the route, etc. The application contains a dashboard for admin and user separately. The availability of the application is on Android and ios, there is also web access which is only for admin.


If we talk about the technologies used in the development of the application, we have used:

  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • Stripe
  • Firebase


The team in the successful completion of the said project involves:

  • A Front End Developer
  • A Back End Developer
  • A Manager
  • A Quality Assurer
  • And full support of the Management Team