About Us

Cipher Savvy was founded in January 2019 with a mission to bring agility to small and large organizations using cutting-edge technology. Since its inception, the company has successfully helped numerous organizations - startups and enterprises alike - achieve their technology & business goals. The company has enabled startups to find successful exits and has helped enterprises be more agile and win new business.


Our approach is based on the principle to provide effective design, a solution to a business problem. The fundamental design solution is communication – to inform, to prompt, change a perception, etc, but this always starts by engaging the viewers/customer. To overcome today’s import issues of concern i.e. competitive marketplace, rising costs of software development, and lack of skilled software professionals, etc, Offshore software development has emerged to be a very viable substitute.

Meet the Team

Wasif Jameel

Chief Executive Officer

Wasif is a Computer Science Graduate from COMSATS University Islamabad. His experience ranges from leading different teams to build enterprise applications. He has proven himself in challenging the dynamics of both startups and enterprises.

Email:  wasifjameel@ciphersavvy.com

Syed Minhal Hasan

Chief Technology Officer

Minhal is a Full Stack Engineer with a knack for technical leadership that has allowed him to successfully deliver cutting-edge applications and build productive teams. His areas of interest include high-performance web and mobile applications. He has proven himself in challenging the dynamics of both startups and enterprises. Minhal holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from COMSATS University Islamabad.

Email:  minhalhasan@ciphersavvy.com

Awais Iqbal Qadri

Senior JavaScript Engineer

Awais is a Full Stack engineer with the responsibility of taking the whole team of the company with him to meet the technical requirements of the projects. He is very keen on his work and sharp in his skills.

Email:  awaisiqbal@ciphersavvy.com